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A Voice that Gives Your Brand Wings

A new and in-demand premium voiceover talent has emerged in the voiceover business – Dennis LM Lewis is primed and ready to voice projects for clients in Canada and around the world. He’s got the distinctive signature British Male Voice Over that’s perfect for explaining the benefits and joy of using your service, leading a guided tour to London and other international cities, giving friendly and compassionate medical advice, becoming the evil General Zod (from Superman’s home planet of Krypton), and even for that good-natured and informative automated voice you hear on a company’s telephone answering system!

Dennis LM Lewis Voice Over

Writing + Voiceover + Storytelling Passion

Dennis Lewis, a British male voice over and writer based in Canada, elevates brands and businesses through his voice and through his storytelling.

There’s an art to crafting an idea into a story and reaching audiences with your message. Dennis’s twin passions for content writing and great storytelling are combined in voiceover.

Fashioning a unique message, delivering authentic, conversational, and believable reads.

Dennis’s versatile modern British male baritone voice offers an exciting range of possibilities – from warm and inviting storytelling in documentaries to detail-rich yet approachable medical and technical narrations, engaging and informative eLearning and corporate training, and a friendly, conversational presence in TV, radio, in-store, online, or other forms of commercials.

His natural and conversational style is well suited to the narration of eLearning, training videos, Explainers, documentaries, technical and medical narrations, corporate training, marketing presentations, recruitment promotions, and other types of long form narration. He has the relaxed, insightful authority and inspiring tone of discovery to lead visitors on tours of cultural destinations like the National Gallery, the Canadian Museum of Nature, the Canadian Museum of History, the Museum of Anthropology, and other cultural treasure troves.

Bringing a Cultivated Voice
to Your Brand

With a strong background in academia, a familiarity with the specialised vocabulary of technology and research, and years of experience as a content writer, Dennis has also received professional training from some of the most highly respected coaches in the voiceover business. His background and his training ensure the knowledge of voice methods and skills necessary to produce top-quality, professional recordings. Set up in his broadcast quality home studio, equipped with a double-walled Bear Cave Silent Booth and the state-of-the-art LogicPro digital workstation, Dennis is able to provide directed sessions with casting directors, agents, ad agencies, creative directors, writers, production studios, and clients via Zoom, Teams, Google Meet and other methods. However, he can also self-direct so you don’t have to spend time listening in.

He brings to you – professionalism, good humour, versatility, cooperativeness, a fast turnaround, and an imaginative and whimsical approach to any script. You’ll love working with him!

What Are the Benefits of Voiceovers for Business?

Your story – in commercial ad, corporate narration, explainer video, eLearning training, or other forms – when told through an effective voiceover will prompt your listeners to action. Voiceovers do more than just provide narration to video and audio productions… They help to transform your content and make it more impactful by provoking feelings and ideas in listeners and viewers. The power of voice offers an effective and convincing way to engage your target audience and communicate your message. It makes your content livelier and more presentable.

An effective voiceover can make your content speak directly to your customers’ hopes and needs. It can tell your story in a way that’s more engaging and relatable.

A great voiceover elevates your business far above the competition. It gives your brand wings.

About Dennis

But you need the right voice, accent, and tone to touch your audience. To make them truly hear your message.

And this is where it pays to use a premium voiceover like Dennis. As a professional voiceover, there are many skills he’s had to master. He had to develop both his vocal control and his ability to act behind the mic. He learned to control his speech rhythm, breathing, and tone as well as speak meaningfully and authentically for the audio. He trained his voice for years so that it’s easy to follow and interesting for his listeners.

But on top of the intricate technical elements of voiceover, Dennis has developed the expressive versatility and spontaneity to convey different emotions, tones, and even character traits. Voice over actors must be able to analyse and interpret copy and sound as if they’re not reading but speaking spontaneously in the present.

Although Dennis can take on the terrifying attitude and tone of the evil General Zod, he can also portray a friendly, upbeat neighbour, as well as an empathetic and caring doctor. But even more than just microphone technique and acting skills he has the ability to find the words off the page and tell a story.

His voice is warm, confident, expressive, and clear, with an easeful sense of authority. His everyday accent has a strong London flavour, refined with a slight Transatlantic twang.

Dennis’s voice style

Dennis’s voice style is confident, informed, and authoritative with warm, rich, expressive tones.

PITCH: Light baritone, male, 30 – 50.
TONE: Warm, friendly, trustworthy, inspiring.
ACCENT: Neutral British, London, Transatlantic.
STYLE: Confident, reassuring, conversational, friendly.

Warm, clear, and modern British English Voice

British Male Voice Over Artist

Let Dennis’s voice work for you.

Straightforward, confident, and friendly, listening to my voice is like listening to a friend or a close family member. Someone you feel comfortable with, someone you can trust.

Voice Quality

The Expert in eLearning & Explainer Voiceovers

Dennis has the attributes and skills of a successful voice talent in abundance, but the areas he excels in are eLearning and Explainer videos. Given his extensive background in university teaching and creating educational content for international university courses, Dennis’s expertise in eLearning isn’t really a surprise. But it’s important to understand that there’s much more to eLearning and Explainer voiceovers than just knowing how to read educational material out loud. It’s a specialised niche in voiceover, which requires a high level of proficiency and skill.

As a skilled eLearning and Explainer voiceover talent, Dennis knows how to present the material in an engaging manner that helps to ensure that your audience will return for more. Dennis works with instructional designers, content developers, corporate training professionals, and marketing and communications specialists to deliver the perfect balance of intelligence, authority, warmth, and clarity to every eLearning project. His years of guiding and engaging international audiences as a university lecturer are what help to make him the expert in the eLearning narration industry.

Why His Experience Makes a Difference

Dennis is a voiceover in demand because he knows how to deliver a range of vocal styles – from a witty, gently-ribbing friend-next-door to the seasoned and caring fatherly figure, to an informal but trustworthy and knowledgeable professional.

He can voice them all and understands what your eLearning and Explainer voiceovers need. These kinds of narration need a voice that’s conversational, engaging, and is able to reach its listeners by speaking in a way that they can understand.

Dennis is a British male voiceover talent well-versed with the flow of diverse eLearning and Explainer scripts. He comes prepared, is able to take direction, asks thoughtful questions, understands his audience, speaks with clarity, and makes sure that potentially difficult terminology is made easy and understandable for listeners to hear. And this is why clients will want to hire Dennis again and again.

Working with a True eLearning Partner

Dennis’s immersion in the genres of eLearning and Explainer videos gives him an understanding of the nuances of production timelines, the complexity of the writing process, the need to distil a concept or brand message into an engaging story or coherent learning pathway, and the importance of collaboration with his clients. He knows that it’s best to collaborate as a partner or team player with clients from the beginning of the process in order to deliver full value. This could mean helping to find additional voice actors for an eLearning course with various characters and making sure that the entire sound package is as impactful as possible by sourcing royalty-free music, or hiring a composer to create an original music score.

Dennis is accustomed to working with teams containing diverse players such as voice actors, audio engineers, writers, composers, and producers. As a premium voiceover talent, he is confident that he has the resources and access to a network of skilled professionals to help create the best production package possible. He is committed to collaborating in a productive and cohesive way with teams of skilled professionals.

Professional Home Recording Studio

Dennis records with a CAD Audio Equitek E300 Large Diaphragm Multi-Pattern Condenser microphone, in his industry-standard, double-walled, SONOpan soundproofed Bear Cave Silent Booth, uses a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 3rd Gen USB interface, and is ready to record a sample or even get started on your project straightaway.

Dennis makes things easy for you

Dennis is based in the Kitchener-Waterloo region of Ontario, a dynamic and growing tech hub in Canada situated about an hour from Toronto and in the same time zone as New York. Working from home in his broadcast quality studio allows him to offer a premium service with a quick turnaround time of 12 to 24 hours. He also has access to nearby professional studios. Dennis can provide you with a personalised demo of a short section of your script before a session. He’s able to self-direct, or get your direction by linking to you via Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, or other methods. Let him know how you’d like to connect.

Kind things people have said about Dennis Lewis 

high level of commitment and attention to detail

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
“Dennis brings insightfulness and passion to every project he narrates. I always get a high level of commitment and attention to detail in his performances.”
Marc Cashman
Voice President

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How can Dennis help you?

My voice can be described as confident, informed, and authoritative with warm, rich, expressive tones. As for my everyday accent, it has a strong London flavour, although it’s been somewhat refined with a slight Transatlantic twang. 

My voiceover skills are deeply informed by my background as a writer and English professor with more than fifteen years of experience storytelling and explaining to international audiences.
Since I work from home in my broadcast quality studio, I can offer a premium service with a quick turnaround time of just 12 to 24 hours. And located nearby there are several top-quality professional studios. If you need me to, I can give you a custom demo recording of a short section of your script before a session. I am able to self-direct, or if you prefer, you can direct me via Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, or other methods.

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