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Dennis Lewis voiceover Artist

Introducing British Male Voice Actor Dennis LM Lewis

Dennis LM Lewis Voice Over Artist

Dennis Lewis is a highly talented British male voiceover actor based in the Kitchener-Waterloo region of Ontario, Canada.

Professional Voice Over Artist

As you discover more about voiceover artist Dennis and his well-travelled, cosmopolitan background, steeped in the world of literature, the humanities, and writing, you’ll be convinced that this voice actor will be able to deliver a voiceover recording that contains the perfect balance between authority, knowledge, warmth, and approachability for your product or brand.

Imagine his pleasant, modern, friendly, British male baritone voice guiding clients or visitors through the setup and special features of your product, explaining the benefits and joys of using your service, speaking to your clients’ unique needs, aspirations, or even pain points. And offering support, affirmation, hope, and solutions.

His natural and conversational style is well suited to the narration of documentaries, medical narrations, corporate training, marketing presentations, recruitment promotions, and other types of long form narration. He has the gentle, insightful authority and joyful tone of discovery to lead visitors on tours of cultural destinations like the Tate Modern, the Royal Ontario Museum, the Art Gallery of Ontario, the Museum of Anthropology, and other cultural heritage sites.

You’ll love working with Dennis because of his professionalism, versatility, cooperativeness, and imaginative approach to any script.

His good humour, amiability, preparedness, and ability to take direction will make you want to work with him again and again. He approaches each voice over project making full use of his wide experience as an English Lecturer at Canadian and international universities, a content writer, and a writer of video and podcast scripts.

This background gives Dennis a distinctive edge as a British male voiceover talent with a varied set of skills that are invaluable in the voiceover recording booth.

What gives Dennis an extra advantage and enables him to deliver broadcast quality voiceover recordings time and time again is his home studio equipped with an industry-standard Bear Cave Silent Booth. The double-walled sound booth with SONOpan soundproofing materials delivers maximum sound isolation second to none.

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Commercial Reel

Dennis has a bright, friendly, and conversational reading style, which is just perfect for highlighting your brand, product, or services – on TV, radio, online or anywhere you broadcast.

Read styles:
Conversational, bright, friendly, caring, helpful.


Corporate Reel

Dennis’s storytelling style is tailor-made for promoting your products, services, and values and delivering the impact you want.

Read styles:
Dramatic, conversational, reassuring, inspiring.


eLearning Reel

Relatable, informed, enthusiastic, and warm, Dennis’s voice will keep the listeners and viewers of your eLearning content engaged and interested.

Read styles:
Characterised, interested, serious, up-beat, conversational.


How It All Began

Born and raised in London, England, Dennis immigrated to Canada in his late teens. There, he completed his B.A. and M.A. degrees in English Literature at the University of Toronto and held several jobs. He first got in front of a microphone when he was an undergraduate student at the University of Toronto hosting his own show on Erindale College Radio station. He got another opportunity in the late 1990s, during a 3-year stint writing and producing news stories as an Editorial Assistant in the high-pressure environment of the CBC National Radio Newsroom in Toronto.

Dennis left the CBC and embarked on an international career as an English Lecturer, teaching at universities in Thailand, the United Arab Emirates, and Qatar. During these years of growth, he went on to earn his PhD in English and Creative Writing, and even earned an international prize for his poetry. He eventually returned to Canada, where he taught at the University of Waterloo.  

Reinventing himself in Canada, Dennis LM Lewis made the bold decision to make full use of his skills as a communicator, teacher, and creative storyteller. He combined them with his cosmopolitan experience of multi-disciplinary teaching in international settings around the world in an exciting voiceover career.

Dennis Lewis Voiceover Artist

It began when the IT company ApplyBoard hired him as a Learning Content Writer to help create a suite of eLearning onboarding and training videos for their teams and new staff. ApplyBoard quickly became aware of Dennis’s instinctive voice talent, realising it was perfect for their eLearning and training modules. And so, he was invited to be the voice for the same scripts that he had been writing. And that’s when it first occurred to him that a career as a voiceover actor could become a sustainable reality.

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Gifted with a passion for language and creativity, powerfully committed to empathetic understanding of people and the range of human experience in all its diversity, Dennis brings this passion, creativity, and empathy to his voiceover work. His voiceover sessions are conversational, clear, clean, consistent, emotionally connected, believable, and also fun.

Because of his experience writing news scripts for the CBC and scripts for podcasts and corporate training videos, Dennis understands the tone and register appropriate for eLearning and explainer videos.

His background in academia and familiarity with the specialised vocabulary of science and technology allows him to read the copy of documentaries, technical and medical narrations, training films, corporate training, and educational content with the confident and informal ease that makes learning fun and easy to understand for listeners. For example, he gives full rein to his imagination and whimsy when giving voice to the ruthlessly commanding General Zod of Krypton – “You will bow before me!”

Dennis has the versatility and dynamism to deliver a variety of voiceovers – from explainers to documentaries, to banking commercials. He can play an enthusiastic millennial dad, a friendly next-door neighbour, a confident business professional, a warm and compassionate medical worker, a mature, easy-going storyteller, or an authoritative British newscaster.

He offers you a range of characters, tones, and moods to represent your brand.

Dennis’s voice


neutral, male, gravitas


warm, calm, informed, clear


London, Thames Estuary, Transatlantic


confident, reassuring, caring

Voice Age:

30 – 50

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Nurturing Creativity: A More Personal Look

Dennis is well aware of the importance of consistently striving to stay on top of his game. That’s why he continues to gain insights into the voice acting craft and hone his voiceover skills with regular coaching sessions with some of the best voice coaches in the business. He keeps his improvisation skills honed with participation in improv classes of the Kitchener-based Pinch Cabaret. All of this means he’s ready to be fully engaged in creating characters and authentic voices for his voiceovers in a spirit of creative discovery, whimsy, and fun.

Dennis nurtures his creativity and replenishes his passion for the voiceover craft through his creative writing and his involvement in the world of literature and ideas. He loves to read – history, current affairs, science, technology, biography, literary fiction, and poetry. He’s also a music lover, attending the occasional classical concert at his local venue the Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony. He enjoys travelling and exploring the cultures and foods of different countries. He keeps fit through swimming and high intensity interval training workouts. Dennis continues to teach Communications and Literature classes at the University of Waterloo.

Professional voice over artist, actor Dennis Lewis

A writer and storyteller 

I come to voiceover narration with decades of experience in content writing, copywriting, and scriptwriting. I’ve been a university lecturer for over 20 years. I’ve also written for CBC Radio News. Currently, I run the content writing and copywriting business Wise on Words
The content I’ve written – for business clients, for eLearning modules, for corporate training, for CBC Radio News, for the students at the international universities where I’ve taught – has attuned my sense of narrative. Has shaped my adaptability. It informs my capacity for engaging different types of audience with storytelling.

Professional Copywriting WiseOnWords

The joy of storytelling through voice

The words on the page of a voiceover script aren’t just words. They’re pictures. They’re ideas, emotions, moods, and attitudes. In short, they’re stories. British Male Voice Actor Dennis LM Lewis loves the art and craft of telling stories through voiceover recording. There’s a joy in finding the unique music in each new voiceover script. Colouring the words, giving depth to them, lifting the words off the page, and being believable as Dennis tells each story.

He’s motivated by the challenge of building and running a business that’s a unique symbiosis between content writing and voiceover. He appreciates this unique opportunity to build lasting connections and relationships through word and through voice.

How can Dennis help?

As a skilled content writer and educational communicator, with years of experience writing for business, education, and for broadcast media, Dennis is a natural fit for explainer videos, training videos, and eLearning projects. He’s also the ideal voice for radio and TV adverts, documentary narration, website welcomes, audio tours, Voice recording for on-hold messages and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems.

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Need a script writer, content writer or copywriter?

Dennis also provides first-rate scriptwriting and content writing services.

As the owner of Wise on Words, a professional content writing and copywriting service, Dennis specialises in telling your story through the spoken word and the written word.

Professional Copywriting

Dennis’s Professional Home Recording Studio

Dennis’s broadcast-quality home studio consists of a professional-grade, double-walled, SONOpan soundproofed Bear Cave Silent Booth, a CAD Audio Equitek E300 Large Diaphragm Multi-Pattern Condenser Microphone, and LogicPro software. Recordings can be fully edited upon request, and clean audio files can be provided in a variety of formats, including mp3 and wav. Dennis is able to set up directed sessions using Skype, Zoom, Google Meets or Source Connect. Alternatively, should you wish to arrange recording sessions in another studio, he is willing to work out the details of this arrangement.

Voiceover Artist Dennis LM Lewis Collage

Studio sample

Please listen to the sample dry recording of my studio below so you can hear the quality of the audio you will receive.  

sample of sound…..

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