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Have a listen to what Dennis’s voice can offer.

Warm, confident, expressive, and clear. That’s how his voice has been described.

His rich, warm, expressive voice adds an extra spark to eLearning, explainer, commercial, and corporate styles.

But it’s also suitable for most other genres of voice work.

Demo reels 

Take a listen to what Dennis’s versatile London voice can offer via the demos below. If you’d like him to provide a custom voiceover demo for your project, just send an email.

Dennis offers the skills and range needed to deliver the results his clients want.

Dennis’s voice style

His voice style is confident, informed, and authoritative with warm, rich, expressive tones.  

  • PITCH: Light baritone, male, 30 – 50. 
  • TONE: Warm, friendly, trustworthy, inspiring. 
  • ACCENT: Neutral British, London, Transatlantic. 
  • STYLE: Confident, reassuring, conversational, friendly. 

 Dennis LM Lewis – Voiceover Artist

Dennis’s work

The purpose of his voice work is to make your life easier.

He can tell your story – whether you’re a big brand, a smaller brand, an industrial designer, content developer, or corporate training team.

Dennis delivers your message, keeping it simple, interesting and impactful.

1. Commercial Reel

Dennis’s bright, friendly, and conversational reads are just right for letting your audience know about your brand, product, or services – on TV, radio, online or anywhere you broadcast. 

Read Styles

Conversational, bright, friendly, caring, helpful.
To download the complete Commercial reel, click below.

2. Corporate Reel

Perfect for promoting your products, services, and values, Dennis’s storytelling style will deliver the impact you want.

Read Styles

Dramatic, conversational, reassuring, inspiring.
To download the complete Corporate reel, click below.

3. e-Learning Reel

Delivering eLearning and training content in a relatable and enthusiastic style, Dennis’s voice will keep your customers and employees engaged and interested.

Read Styles

Characterised, interested, serious, up-beat, conversational.
To download the complete eLearning reel, click below.


  • eLearning and Training videos 
  • Explainer videos 
  • Corporate narrations 
  • TV and Radio Commercials 
  • Documentary and long form narrations 
  • Telephone on Hold messaging / IVR phone systems 
  • Museum and Gallery Tours 
  • Real Estate and Property Tours  

Dennis’s home studio sound

Dennis can record from his home studio or from a nearby studio of your choice. This is what his home studio sounds like – raw and unfiltered. 

If you’d like Dennis to provide a custom demo of your script, send it over and he’ll record a sample for you from his home studio.

Style, Tone, Pace and Other Voice Over Keys to Matching Your Message

Dennis LM Lewis provides the voice to several different types of voiceover. Each type of voiceover requires a different approach in style, tone, or other element in order for the message or story to fully impact the listener.

You’ll need to carefully consider the vocal qualities you want in order to ensure that a voice will resonate with your listeners. You’ll need to know how to communicate with your voice actor.

Communicating with a voice actor can be daunting sometimes – especially if you or your business are not used to the ins and outs of booking and directing a voice over session.

Communication doesn’t have to be intimidating or hard. If you’re familiar with some of the terms and methods of voice over production, you’ll be on the same page as your voice actor. You’ll both be speaking the same language, and you’ll be able to make sure that your voice over recording project is a success.

Here, then, are some key terms and methods involved in voice over production.


Style is the descriptive term for the way a voice actor reads script and emotions that are being evoked. Here are some of the most commonly-cited styles:

  • Hard-sell
  • Soft-sell
  • Persuasive
  • Angry
  • Whispery
  • Aggressive
  • Humorous
  • Happy
  • Kind
  • Friendly
  • Girl-next-door
  • Boy-next-door, etc.


Tone is all about the voice actor’s tone of voice or attitude. It’s the way a voice actor speaks. The term is closely related to style because tone and style have an impact on one another. A voice actor’s tone can be crucial in a voice over project, especially when there are re-reads (or pick-ups) of certain parts of a script which stretch across more than one session. While it can be challenging to do, premium voice actors should be able to match their tone from a previous session.


Pace means the speed at which a voice actor reads, or it could also refer to the number of words the voice actor should read per minute in order to fit within a required timeframe. The pace of a read becomes an issue when the voice actor reads so fast that their articulation is affected.

In many commercial reads, producers and directors try to get the voice actor to read as much information in as short a time as possible – usually within 30 seconds or less. They do this because 30 seconds is the most popular duration for an advertisement. But – depending on his personality and style – a voice actor’s normal pace, the pace at which he sounds most natural, is always best.


In a voice over production, rhythm plays a large role in determining how well the voice actor’s entire delivery of the read sounds. The rhythm is the strong and regular repeated pattern of movement in a voice over read. It allows the voice actor to give a better shape to their lines. When a producer or a director finds a voice actor’s line delivery somewhat haphazard or disjointed, they’ll ask the voice actor to inject a smoother rhythm into the read.

A Range of Vocal Possibilities

Dennis Lewis Voiceover Artist

Providing a voiceover that matches your message.

Delivering the voiceover goods so you can relax.

A Narrator with a Warm, Caring & Reassuring Tone

Dennis’s smooth, male baritone has a warm vocal quality that makes him ideal for the task when it comes to voiceovers and videos concerned with health and healthcare. He can sound like that kind, calm, and fatherly voice of reassurance and hope in moments of crisis. Whether it be providing a shoulder to lean on for a friend or romantic partner or a gentle virtual pat on the back for encouragement, Dennis will convey your message with a strong and empathetic feeling that’ll help your listeners to relate. 

Friendly, Conversational, and Informative

Delivering helpful information and conveying a message that is easygoing and more casual for lighter Commercial and Corporate reads, Dennis’s bright tones and light baritone voice will automatically cheer up the atmosphere. His easy-going, conversational delivery will give your listeners the impression that they’re chatting with a friendly neighbour or being gently guided by a supportive male friend. Sincere, down-to-earth, and optimistic, Dennis is easily relatable. 

Need a Tone That’s Enthusiastic, Passionate, and Inspirational?

Public service announcements, documentaries, and video games all require voiceover narratives with eloquence, passion, and power. The public service announcements and documentaries sometimes have serious, emotionally-charged messages to convey. They often strive to inspire and uplift their audiences. Video games, meanwhile, demand colour and character fitting for the epic realms and dramatic scenarios. Dennis can embody the stern, noble, and authoritative vocal qualities suitable for these evocative narrations. The storyteller’s register of imagination and gravitas comes to him quite naturally.

Up the Energy with a Whimsical and Fun Voice Over

There’s an upbeat, playful side to business which some people might not be aware of. Many brands and businesses create commercial or promotional videos that sparkle with positive vibes and cheerfulness. For them, an energetic and joyful tone of voice is the perfect match. Dennis brings a fun-loving sense of whimsy to such projects that’ll bring smiles to your listeners’ faces.

Deliver the Information They Need to Hear with Authority, Confidence, and Intelligence

When your audience experiences an eLearning, Explainer video or documentary, they appreciate being guided by an intelligent, polished, and articulate voice, speaking with authority and confidence. But it helps if that same voice is also warm and relatable. Listeners want to be charmed as well as educated. A great explainer, eLearning or documentary voiceover should be dynamic and engaging. Dennis’s voice has these qualities – whether explaining a technical procedure, weaving a compelling historical narrative, or painting pictures of nature’s wonders.

Evoke the Rich, Sophisticated Mood of Luxury

When companies or brands seek to capture through narration their high level of professionalism or craftsmanship, they seek a voice that connotes a charismatic mood of refinement and sophistication. Dennis’s distinguished presence, warm and polished sound, and precise delivery will elevate your brand and image for this sort of project.

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